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Life on the River

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“There is much interest in monitoring Sturgeon Chutes on the Wanapitei River.   The eagle was perched on a dead tree on the west bank of the Wanapitei River immediately downstream from Sturgeon Chutes as we passed in the boat. Then he seemed to say, “Hey follow me” and flew directly over the grave at Sturgeon Chutes and on over the proposed Allen & Struthers development while we watched.  We put our tobacco on the water while he and his partner eagle were still in sight.

Ginawaydaganuc. We ALL are connected.”

Eagle perched at Proposed Allen & Struthers site, Wanapitei River

Guiding Eagle at Sturgeon Chutes, Wanapitei River

Perched Eagle at Allen & Struthers proposed site, Wanapitei River

“A World of Healthy River Ecosystems”